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For over a decade we have been connected to literary stakeholders: readers, authors and publishers through a variety of channels. - our literary website; Whistler Reads -our citywide reads program; Philanthropic interests in public literacy and public libraries, and our Personal Artistic interests. Our newest initiative is a literary travel initiative called Literary Excursions. Last are links to those corresponding social networking profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


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When the CEO of a major gold mining company contacted us with a request to create a book on the West African nation of Mauritania for the purpose of building awareness and economic opportunities for the government of Mauritania, we were intrigued. The commission involved travel to the nation's capital, Nouakchott, to first meet with Mauritania's President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, his Minister of Tourism and Minister of Mines. That set the stage for a return trip and extensive travel within country to gather the original content required for the book.

A former colony of France, Mauritania celebrated its 50th year of independence in 2010. For decades it ranked as one of Africa's poorest nations, but recently it has established an emerging resource economy in minerals and petroleum that is a hotbed for international exploration and development. It also possesses a fascinating history and people with a culture that bridges Arab North Africa (the Maghreb) with Sub-Saharan Africa. Its people can variously trace their ancestor's lineage to Neolithic tribes, African kingdoms and Arab Berbers. This desert nation was once a vital part of the Trans-Saharan trade route, comprising important centres of education and commerce. Several UNESCO World Heritage sites exist, clinging against the forces of climate change which threaten the nomadic way of life and centuries of history contained in its Medieval cities and recorded in its famous, sadly decaying libraries.

Today Mauritania is working together with the West to contain rebel and fundamentalist forces in the bordering nations in the region. Travel warnings are in effect and tourism is not to be considered lightly. Business interests work closely with government and security forces to ensure the safety of personal. Be that considered, Mauritania is a country waiting to be discovered by the West. Unique opportunities for travel, commerce and study are waiting.

Mauritania the book is the first comprehensive volume on the country to be produced in over a decade. Text is set side-by-side in three languages: English, French and Arabic making "Mauritania" accessible to a wider audience than ever before. Chapters are arranged according to distinct regions: Desert, Oasis, Coast, Urban, River and the special areas: National Parc du Banc d'Arguin and northern region of Nouadhibou. Stunning photography, maps, a timeline and illustrations make "Mauritania" a visual delicacy and a valuable resource in the study of this fascinating emerging West African nation.

Book Details

Paula Shackleton
Published 2013



Land of Copper

The province of Katanga, located in the southernmost region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, possesses a long history of exploitation, development and conflict surrounding its remarkable mineral resources. In 2008 at the close of civil war that ravaged the country, Lundin Mining commissioned us to produce a book on the copper rich region of Katanga where their world class mine operation is located.

That year witnessed DR Congo's first free multi-party elections in 46 years. Travel in parts of the countryside were still considered a risk. Our team consisting of a writer, photographer, trilingual guide and translator along with a security contingent crisscrossed the region to acquire the material for this book. We were privileged to meet a broad spectrum of people in the cities, villages and countryside - from all walks of life. Upon discovery of a 10,000 rich archive of historic photos collected by the company's mine manager, we endeavored to expand the book's scope to include a comprehensive history of mining in the region from the earliest recorded colonial contact through to present day.

The result is a fascinating book encompassing Katanga's past, present and forward prospects. It includes a reproduction of the very first map of the region drafted by Royal Geographical Society exploration geologist, images of early mine operations, methods and persons of historic interest, the building of the railway to transport goods from the center of the continent to the coast and destination markets abroad. Comprehensive essays cover the broad history up to present, with contributions from the senior project geologist detailing the Katanga mine series with schematic, aerial photography, satellite imagery and mineral specimen photography.

Special thanks to Lukas Lundin and Paul Conibear, and for material support from Henrick DeWitte, Wolfram Schuh and Dirk Vanhooymissen. (Then) corporate partner, Phelps Dodge; (current) corporate partner Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.

Book Details

Paula Shackleton
Published 2013